We’re looking for believers, real BELIEVERS. None of this on the whim, I believe…just to fit in with the latest trend. We are looking for I BELIEVE IN THE ONE WHO WANDERS IN THE WOODS, THE ONE THEY CALL SASQUATCH. You may say that you believe now, but later you’ll snort in your beer “Yeah, Sasquatch is real”. If your one of those you’re on the wrong blog jerky, go back to your blogs about phoneyness, your blogs of fancy clothes and riches, we are the REAL deal.

We are looking for the one they call SASQUATCH.  We’re out there in the brush, the sticks, the muck, the swamplands,  makin maps, cb radios, specially designed all terrain vehicles which leave no footprint, highly sophisticated surveillance devices, night vision, and other sweet tools.

We are out there to find the Sasquatch to study his ways, to protect him/her from mankind and its naive distructive ways who wish to chop-burn his/her home and bring him/her back to the labs for cutting and disection.

Join us in our quest for the elusive one join A*S*S