I am a bit of a snob when it comes to anything that i intake. Weather it is food or beverage, i tend to be a bit picky and subscribe to my mantra that life is too short to eat/drink sh*t!.
So, i recently discovered something that can make my already snobily selected coffee beans (usually from [...]

ASS Jerseys


Kicking around the idea of getting some ASS cycling jerseys. Here is the first [...]

Gear Vol2

Its easier to plan the day for the ride than to try and plan around the weather. This can lead to some interesting circumstances. Such as our last little jaunt down the trail where we were met with constant downpour and chilly temps in the 30′s. Normally better preparations are made for this type of situation, [...]


As you may or may not know, but should understand that the Association of Sasquatch Seekers preferred mode of transport, group movement, and Sasquatch tracking relies heavily on the bicycle. It is a quiet, non obstructive and enviormentally responsible mode of transport, as well as a healthy lifestyle.

MOLLE Hydration Carrier (bottom)

Either way, if one is [...]

GEAR: Wrenches

Several members of ASS utilize single speed bikes in their persuit of Sasquatch. Most of these bikes have nutted axles instead of the quick release type. You just can’t have your wheels flying off in hot persuit of the ‘squatch.

One member happened upon this cleaver find at the local big box lumber store. The GearWrench stubby [...]