What if THEY were Sasquatch?

just in time for the [...]

What IF They Were Sasquatch?


“Hello, is it me you’re [...]

What if they were Sasquatch: SATAN?


If Sasquatch had a satanic alter-ego, I would imagine they would look something like this. Satansquatch, where do you find someone do do your ink in [...]

Sasquatch Entering Mainstream

It seems Sasquatch is making an attempt to incorporate into mainstream America. Here’s evidence. This was discovered in eastern Iowa at a Casey’s General Store.

Sasquatch moving [...]

What if they were Sasquatch?

Mel Gibson-The Missing Link?

If Mel Gibson were Sasquatch, he would most likely call you a whore and slap you up as you f***in deserved it. Look at that pic, and his behaviour is not human. MG could most likely be the missing link. Perhaps he should go back to wilderness wandering and keep his violent [...]

What if They were Sasquatch #3


This bugeyed Sasquatch is one to be wary of, it packs attitude. But it may host its own show and give away major household applicances.  Thus proving that Sasquatch is a good egg and not a [...]

What if they were Sasquatch? #2

Tom Selleck: Missing Link?

Just look at this guy, Hawaiian Sasquatch. The only difference between this guy and the Bigfoot sitings is a dogers ball cap and a [...]

What if they were a Sasquatch?

Taylor Squatch: What if She was a Sasquatch?

Since Sasquatch is basically a part or maybe all human, it begs the question, “What if we were Sasquatch?”. While that may not be so flattering, the better question might be, “What if they [...]