Wilderness Offering

We stumbled upon several food baskets in a heavily wooded area. Seemed that felines were scarfing down the greezy mess, but I have to wonder if these were not left for another intention. Perhaps an offering [...]

SPOTTED: Wilderness Dish??!!!

If the dish is a disease, then Sasquatch has it. During winter, with the missing leaves, the woodlands become quite clear and certain features once hidden by foliage become visible. Knowing this we retraced our steps back to the area of the Sasquatch Hut Just up the trail from the Sas Hut, the clarity in the [...]

SPOTTED: Strange Markings in the Snow

tufts of hair: a sign or [...]

Is Sasquatch an Architect?

is this the house of the Sas?

Wondering through the woods, in search of any signs of the Sasafras, I came upon this dwelling. It appears to be a two room wilderness rambler that could offer a wilderness resident relief from the elements and potential hiding spot. This location was deep into the woods and highly [...]