Bigfoot sightings are no joking matter for some

Squatches in Nebraska? Seems like a reasonable place to blend in. Read all about [...]

Spotted MKE

check that stinkeye

Rockerbox 2012 spotting, the snake [...]

Spotted SKAT!

the precision stack

doesn’t appear to be man nor beast, it must be a combination of [...]

Wilderness Offering

We stumbled upon several food baskets in a heavily wooded area. Seemed that felines were scarfing down the greezy mess, but I have to wonder if these were not left for another intention. Perhaps an offering [...]

SPOTTED: Strange Markings in the Snow

tufts of hair: a sign or [...]

Sasquatch Entering Mainstream

It seems Sasquatch is making an attempt to incorporate into mainstream America. Here’s evidence. This was discovered in eastern Iowa at a Casey’s General Store.

Sasquatch moving [...]

Strange Findings: Road Side WI

not human…

This image was captured roadside in WI along the Wisconsin River. Notice the odd conical from,  couldn’t be human, possibly: SASQUATCH.

The area was heavily wooded and there was other convincing evidence that could be found near by: Broken Branches, leaves embedded with fur and fecal matter,  large footprints.

It would appear that the Wilderness Wanderer [...]

Watch Sasquatch on the History Channel!

Watch Sasquatch on History [...]

Urban Sasquatch or Just another player in the Freak Show?

It is very possible that Sasquatch could be living among us, in plain sight! [...]