Bigfoot sightings are no joking matter for some

Squatches in Nebraska? Seems like a reasonable place to blend in. Read all about [...]

Sasquatch’s Buddy, Wildboy


Spotted SKAT!

the precision stack

doesn’t appear to be man nor beast, it must be a combination of [...]

words of wisdom from a cookie

Can’t wait, We LIVE for [...]

ASS Public Service Announcement

Be careful if you choose to deep fry your turkey this Thanksgiving.

Ice + Hot Oil= Trouble, DONT DO [...]

BadASS Hog!


Animating a Lifeless body

Often surrounded by people who illustrate this wonderful video.

Lifeless body + money=action with no visible [...]


I am a bit of a snob when it comes to anything that i intake. Weather it is food or beverage, i tend to be a bit picky and subscribe to my mantra that life is too short to eat/drink sh*t!.
So, i recently discovered something that can make my already snobily selected coffee beans (usually from [...]

Metal for Monday

i dont know what to say about this track it is METAL. The riffs are so catchy, they will never leave [...]


Sasquatch doesn’t hate, so why do [...]