Bigfoot sightings are no joking matter for some

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Sasquatch’s Buddy, Wildboy

Spotted MKE

check that stinkeye

Rockerbox 2012 spotting, the snake tamer Sasquatch!

What if THEY were Sasquatch?

just in time for the Tour…


Spotted SKAT!

the precision stack

doesn’t appear to be man nor beast, it must be a combination of the two.

words of wisdom from a cookie

Can’t wait, We LIVE for the Unusual!

ASS Public Service Announcement

Be careful if you choose to deep fry your turkey this Thanksgiving.

Ice + Hot Oil= Trouble, DONT DO THAT.

BadASS Hog!

Animating a Lifeless body

Often surrounded by people who illustrate this wonderful video.

Lifeless body + money=action with no visible brain connectivity


I am a bit of a snob when it comes to anything that i intake. Weather it is food or beverage, i tend to be a bit picky and subscribe to my mantra that life is too short to eat/drink sh*t!.
So, i recently discovered something that can make my already snobily selected coffee beans (usually from these guys or these guys) taste even better. The Aerobie Aeropress. Why wouldn’t something from the same company who makes fine disc golf products make some of the finest coffee? I am not sure of the relation there, but assume it has something to do with the aerodynamics of the vacuum pressure the plunger device utilizes when you press down on it to press the coffee stew into your cup. The website explains this in detail, but that involves a bunch of reading and not coffee drinking, so i forgo that part. The important part to me is that once pressed through the coffee is some of the smoothest i have sipped some how due to the pressure process and micro filter.

I was a bit apprehensive about adding another coffee gadget to the arsenal. This one proves its worth in its simplicity. Easy to pack up (mine came with a travel case) it can be carried on Sasquatch expeditions, consisting only of the main chamber, plunger, replaceable filter and endcap.. Its also a quick clean, as all that needs to be done is to remove the end cap and push the coffee grounds out the end and its ready to pack up.

This coffee gizmo has definitely earned its worth. The only problem is it basically ruins every other cup of coffee that isn’t made using this device. I often find myself craving the smoothness nearly an addiction.